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Rubber nipples

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The post man delivered my rubber nipples and other trinkets for my alter ego

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Let England Paint

I had an exceptional day face painting with a team of 50 painters. The mission was to paint all of Wembley ! our bumbags loaded With obligatory st George cross Colors we set about painting all that flocked the gates. Organised by Bibi freeman at www.facepaint-UK.com ( some images curtsey of Bi bi)

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Its not very often i feel patriotic. But being at wembley during the national anthem and seeing all the smiling faces we had painted gave me a real sense of joy

Music : PJ Harvey / let England Shake

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A lot of folk associate the androgynous, "dalston twat" with Dalston.
But there's a good reason for me to come here, other than cafe oto. Which annoyingly ain't open on Monday's.
But Poundland is. It's a brilliant place , striplights ensure every one in there has a healthy green glow.
I got 13 essential bits and guess what ? It came to 13 quid.

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Location:Barrett's Grove,Hackney,United Kingdom

S L A G live rehearsal

So Phil and I been working on the new song s l a g
lots of howling, it was born out of my loathing for joggers, I saw one once on Regents canal and her top said I heart to jog on the back, my friend Fran calls Hareem pants 'poo pants' which is what the repellent creature was banging her joints around in.
Phil also asked me to cover a great Delta 5 song mind your own business, and Ari Up from The Slits had just passed away, on top of all this id been going to a lot of diy punk gigs like wet dog and always wanted to write a stupid fast song. Usually Lynn latex and I chant the lyrics together, but shes away in India playing jembe, on a hill, in a lotus pose.


Patrycja Grimm and I doing what we do best

Pat is a multi talented lady, we have been talking about working together to combine our face makeup magic.
Were on a very similar page with the work were creating. She works very emotively with paint and uses raw energy to keep things moving along nicely.
We were at this till 3 am one day last week.
Its part of an ongoing process in the practice of body painting projection movement and video.
Very short piece of footage from the shoot. Pat is busy editing the rushes which will be coming soon

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I must thank Chris @ the Light Surgeons and William Fontaine for modelling.
Music : Omar k by Rainbow Arabia
Shot on the iPhone using reel director app

Footage from the other woman music and the Girls are

Ruth Barnes & Anette Barlow organised a great free gig @ the old blue last.
The top floor was packed out. Bands
The voyeurist/ the hysterical injury and the Peepholes a night of overwhelming
Phsycadellic:analogue synth : DIY: punk: krunk rock overdrive
I was joined by Leila from Autopirtrait and Bernadette.
Intro music : bizness by Tune Yards
Main music : ladder by the peepholes
Filmed on the iPhone 3GS with magicam app and Splice editor app.

Ruth Barnes @ the Other Woman Music presents a free show TONIGHT!

Going to this tonight, hosted by the Girls are and the other woman music
Ruth Barnes is an incredible woman and shes putting female musicians at the forefront of a male dominated industry. Its a free gig featuring the Peepholes, etc at the OLD BLUE LAST

see you there

Simeon shows his wares

My friend Simeon showed me the mini collection that won him a place on the MA fashion course in Holland.

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Tatsuhisa Yamamoto

YouTube Video

Cafe Oto at the Barbican with experimental drummer Tatsuhisa Yamamoto.
Cafe Oto is a great Japanese cafe and Live music venue in Dalston. Its unique for Dalston not only for it's music programme but it's a twat free zone. Oh and the serve Sake

Fish and chips for Sunday

YouTube Video

A good example of how gentrification is awash in the east London bijoux organic village. A fish and chip restaurant. Where you take some working class food and sell it to the classes. For twice the price. Us suckers bought it as our bellies were empty. Featuring my good friend and ( proper) filmmaker nick Barrett

By way of apology for no posts

apparently this video blog is whats known as a VLOG My friend Chris overheard this as FLOG so my latest flog is by way of apology for not flogging for two days
Yesterday was spent on a busy shoot for two fantastic comedic dancers called the art collective. The Art director has asked that i kindly dont publish footage till the show goes out.
Ive also been busy down at the WOW fest in Southbank.
Brilliant evening of Women in Film. My highlight was watching Seaming perform to a beautiful surreal film. called Meshes of the afternoon Very moving.
Im about to begin painting my entire body with Wode. which is the paint Boudiccas Iceum tribe used to go into war against the Romans.
The reason Im doing this will again become clear later on next week.

Face warpaint

This brilliant new app for the iPhone called splice. It edits together your videos and photos you can include transitions , text and soundtracks from your iTunes library . No computer needed . Here's one I made earlier of some of my warpaint faces. Watch it till the end to see the dance!

Ruth Barnes talks.......

If  you listened to my first ever recording on the Vlog, all those days ago you would have heard Tom Robinson guiding me to pick out Ruth Barnes brains.  So I did. Ruth is responsible for championing the unsung female musician from all over the world, she presents on the 6 music show with Tom Robinson, runs gigs, presents radio shows and runs a fab blog called The Other Woman Music. Our discussion centred around the idea of creating a real life network/ space/ community where female musicians could get together and jam/network/rehearse.exchange and all things musical.
The future of female musicians in London is exiting!

The light manifests

Snippets of my projects over the last few months. Made me realise that there's an ever present need to experiment with qualities of light. Track is Prenzlauburg by Beirut

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WOW festival SOunds and Silents

This looks really spectaular:
Women of the World festival presents sounds and silents @ the Queen Elizabeth Hall

Seaming and Micachu are both performing. Two very original musicans.

I would really love to go but I've been kindly offered an Invite to the PRS Women in Music also at the Southbank. Who knows the performances might collide

The footage from the Rave in London Bridge

The Legend of a Professional German raver since records began, took Chris and I hostage. We were wedged into a taxi and taken south of the River. The Raver insists that your not a raver unless you last 30 hours. I lasted until 8am so Im a semi-raver. What happened next remains in the club. We were treated to an especially booming set by Berlin Bergains' Stephan, shipped in from Germany. Heres some footage from the night. Song: LFO freak by Simian Mobile Disco.

the whole day was spent horizontal

I have a friend, hes ageless and a professional raver, hes German and hes very efficient. In part I blame him for my first ever omission of the daily video.

He took Chris and I to a dark archway south of the river where we outlasted everyone and pulsated to techno till 8 am today. Despite the fact that im disabled and chris twisted his ankle on a glass bottle we managed to egg on the crowd with some badly synchronised dancing on the stage behind berghaim legend Stephan.  It is not often that i go to raves. About once every 2 years.

There are no working muscles in my body, I will instead present you with footage of the rave tomorrow and leave you with an image of me in a ball pool at the Macbeth Chapel Perilous

Ken Dods dads dogs dead

Afternoon jaunt down't canal, to see what lurks beyond Victoria pk. Found cats, teeth, treehouses and the Queen.


I saw this fella last night at the Scolt Arms.

He really knows how to get the most out of a loop pedal. I wasnt sure if I should marry or murder him afterward!


Is it a bob? No it's not!

A sunny but cold walk in London fields at lunch time and the discussion turns to Jennis hair.

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The man behind the black curtain playing the organ in darkness

I overheard the organ being taken for a test run. So I went to investigate. Imagine getting to play one of the biggest organs in the world in total darkness. Pure gothic drama!

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lets not see it as rejection

Thought Id share with you another rejection email from the Camden Crawl festival
Luckily for me, I choose not to live my life in music through the approval of others. Otherwise Id me a broken woman.  Heres the generic rejection:

Thank you for your application to play at this years Gaymers Camden Crawl.

Unfortunately unless you have already heard from us you have not been selected to appear at the 2011 Crawl.

The standard of acts submitted was very high and we do listen to EVERY act that applies. Unfortunately due to the sheer volume of applications we receive we cannot give individual critique or responses but thank you for your application and will keep your details on file should any other opportunities to play arise.


The Crawl Team

Goodbye to Dame Vivienne westwoods dress

I went to see Goldfrapp play at the Bridgewater hall ( a favourite venue) a couple of years ago.
Unsure of what to wear I purchased a gold Westwood dresss. You may think this a little extravagant. But at the time It felt apt.
Any road I've decided to sell said dress and this is my little goodbye ceremony .

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